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Simple Extractions

  • Simple dental extraction involves the removal of teeth that are visible in the mouth. We have expert and well qualified professional dentists who carry out this procedure in their dental practices, using a local anesthetic to numb the area and reduce the pain experienced by the patient.

  • Mostly teeth require extraction, due to any of complications. However, other teeth may also require extraction if they cannot be saved by root canal therapy or other treatment. Some of the most common reasons to have teeth extracted include Stuck tooth in which tooth is stuck beneath bone or gums and not emerging properly. The other reason is crowding or small mouth in which emerging teeth may cause other teeth to shift or crack due to absence of space. Decay or infection may require extraction when a tooth is affected by extreme decay or infection that cannot be adjusted with filling or root canal treatment, it may require extraction.

  • We recommend extraction of one or more of your teeth if any of these issues apply to you. During your session, we may also recommend the best possible treatment to make your experience more comfortable. Just come and visit us for best ever treatment and your oral health.