Dentist Always Available, Same Day Procedure

Same Day New Teeth

  • In the Same Day new Teeth process, patients can have dental implants placed and completely functioning teeth attached in just one day.

  • Usually the Same Day Dentures implant procedures in Houston require between three and six months between placing an implant and restoring with the final replacement teeth.

  • With the new and advanced technologies, it is now possible to place a dental implant and restore with the final replacement crown, bridge or dentures directly, confirming you can walk out of the clinic with your new and bright smile in one day. The treatment is simple, fast and there is no need to wear a temporary denture. This procedure helps you to be more confident in your smile, feel happier and more confident within yourself.

  • Our Same Day Dentures specialized doctors in Houston in their first consultation check that either this treatment is suitable for you. Your dentist assesses you to make sure it’s a suitable treatment. Follow up treatments are also necessary to make sure that all the conditions are perfect before actual process which involve scans and creating a personalized treatment plan. Just feel free to ask your consultant any thing you want to know for best results. We make sure that you get the best treatments according to your requirements.