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Abscesses And Swollen Jaw

  • An abscess is a partial area of pus formed as a result of a bacterial infection. When there is no way for pus to drain, it formulate an abscess. Abscesses can form in every part of the body. In the mouth, abscesses form in gum tissue or in the roots of teeth and in the adjacent areas of the tooth. They can be instigated by food or remains entrenched deep in the gum. Usually in the start, the abscess may cause a toothache, which can be severe. The tooth's nerve can become infected and the infection can start through to the gum. Once the abscess fallings-out, the pain often reduces significantly, but dental treatment is essential for best oral health. If the abscess does not drain, the infection can blowout to other areas of the head and neck and can be serious.

  • In this situation you have to visit our dentist to diagnose a tooth abscess by examining your mouth. Once the abscess is drained, most symptoms go away instantly or within a few days, but the abscess will not be dried unless the cause is eradicated.

  • If you have a toothache or notice evidence of an abscess on your gum, visit us as soon as possible. Even if the abscess drains and the pain decreases, a visit to the dentist for complete treatment is mandatory.